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Black Gold Super 7 Crystal bracelet
  • Black Gold Super 7 Crystal bracelet

    SKU: 1051

    Black Gold Super Seven


    The overall color of the crystal is clear and the crystal is transparent and clean, the unique hair is black and gold double color, the hair is clear and smooth with mica flakes symbiotic, forming a red as if a fire red maple leaf, and has the symbolic meaning of good luck.


    Black super seven rich color with a deep and unique temperament, both men and women are very suitable for 🈴️ crystal transparent, unique rich tones, clearly visible super seven wine-like fibrous iron ore, mysterious and not flashy, but not ordinary 🤞🏻


    🌍 Origin: Brazil


    🌀 Chakra: Submarine Chakra


    ✨relieve fatigue, release stress
    ✨defense negative energy
    ✨Invite wealth 💰career up
    ✨relieves mood 💢
    ✨Boosts immune system 🦠


    This string is not particularly hairy, but in my opinion just the right amount of sophistication and uniqueness






    黑超七色泽浓郁中透着深沉独特的气质,无论男女都非常适🈴️ 晶体通透,独有的浓郁色调,清晰可见超七酒状纤铁矿,神秘不招摇,却又不平凡🤞🏻















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