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Blue Calcite Sphere 75.8mm
  • Blue Calcite Sphere 75.8mm

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    Blue Calcite:


    History: Blue Calcite is a variety of calcite, a mineral with a long history of use in various cultures. It is recognized for its gentle blue color and soothing energy.


    Benefits: Blue Calcite is believed to have several metaphysical properties, including:

    • Emotional Healing: Supporting emotional healing and releasing emotional blockages.
    • Communication: Enhancing communication, especially in situations where self-expression is needed.
    • Relaxation: Promoting relaxation, calmness, and inner peace.
    • Mental Clarity: Facilitating mental clarity and helping to alleviate confusion.
    • Self-Expression: Encouraging assertiveness and self-expression.


    Chakra: Blue Calcite is often associated with the Throat Chakra, located at the base of the throat. It is believed to help open and align this chakra, making it easier to communicate and express oneself.


    Origin: Blue Calcite is found in various locations, including Mexico, the United States, and Brazil. The source can affect the quality and intensity of its blue color.



    • Color: Blue Calcite is pale to medium blue in color.
    • Texture: It has a smooth and waxy texture, with a vitreous or glassy lustre when polished.
    • Transparency: Blue Calcite can range from translucent to transparent.
    • Hardness: Blue Calcite is relatively soft and ranks at 3 on the Mohs scale, making it susceptible to scratching.


    Blue Calcite's calming energy and association with the Throat Chakra make it a popular choice for those seeking emotional healing and improved communication. It is often used in meditation, energy work, and crystal healing practices.


    蓝方解石 (Blue Calcite):


    历史: 蓝方解石是解石的一种,解石是一种在各种文化中有着悠久历史的矿物。它因其温和的蓝色和舒缓的能量而受到认可。


    好处: 人们认为蓝方解石具有多种形而上学的特性,包括:

    • 情感疗愈: 支持情感疗愈,释放情感障碍。
    • 沟通: 增强沟通能力,特别是在需要自我表达时。
    • 放松: 促进放松、平静和内心的宁静。
    • 思维清晰: 促进思维清晰,帮助缓解困惑。
    • 自我表达: 鼓励自信和自我表达。


    脉轮: 蓝方解石通常与喉轮相关联,喉轮位于喉部的基础。它被认为可以帮助打开和调整这个脉轮,使沟通和自我表达更容易。


    产地: 蓝方解石在各个地方都有发现,包括墨西哥、美国和巴西等地。矿石的来源可以影响其蓝色的质量和强度。



    • 颜色: 蓝方解石的颜色介于淡蓝到中蓝之间。
    • 质地: 它有光滑而蜡状的质地,经过抛光后呈现出玻璃般的光泽。
    • 透明度: 蓝方解石可以从半透明到透明不等。
    • 硬度: 蓝方解石相对较软,莫氏硬度为3,容易受到划痕。



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