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Blue Gray Moonlight Angel Eyes Bracelet
  • Blue Gray Moonlight Angel Eyes Bracelet

    Gray moonstone is also known as "labradorite


    It belongs to the feldspar family and is a mixture of two feldspars with a moonlight effect. It has a beautiful optical effect, looking like a bright but hazy moonlight ✨.   
    Natural minerals contain a lot of minerals and trace elements, so the body can gradually absorb these minerals and trace elements when wearing moonstone for a long time [Party R].
    🌍 Origin: Myanmar / Sri Lanka / China / Madagascar / Canada
    🌀 Chakra: Top Chakra
    ✨Healing and soothing
    ✨Helps with sleep💤
    ✨Boosts digestion-weight loss [snicker R]
    ✨Regulates hormones-improves skin
    Suitable for 🈴️ people:
    -Impulsive personality
    -Women who want to be elegant from the inside out 🧍‍♀️
    -Babies who lack gold and water in the five elements




    属于长石家族,是具有月光效应的长石族矿物由两种长石混合组成. 能透出绝美的光学效应,看起来就像皎洁明亮但又夹杂着朦胧的月光✨   


















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