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Golden Healer Sphere 73.7mm
  • Golden Healer Sphere 73.7mm

    SKU: 1006

    Golden Healer is an anomalous crystal


    Golden Healer crystals are mainly transparent crystals, with flawless crystals filled with flakes, which are formed when volcanic magma is dipped into natural fissures during the crystal's growth process, forming a landscape stream containing iron ore and other rare minerals that enter the crystal and are encapsulated by the crystal.


    The gold gum flower of the treasure grade has a golden yellow color, very bright and resistant.

    The full-bodied inclusions are golden yellow in color.


    🌎 Origin: Brazil/Madagascar


    🌀 Chakra: submarine/solar chakra


    Hardness: 7



    ✨ Attract wealth 💰 gather wealth

    ✨Nourish the body

    ✨relax ❤mood

    ✨release stress

    ✨Help turn negative energy into positive energy


    How to care for:

    -By immersing Golden Healer in running water, leaving it in the sun for a short period of time (to prevent fading)


    -Charge Golden Healer by leaving it in moonlight overnight or by using other crystals such as selenite.


    黄胶花 Golden Healer 水晶球🔮
























    -通过将 Golden Healer 浸入流水中、将其在阳光下放置很短的时间(以防止褪色)


    -将其在月光下放置过夜或使用其他晶体(如亚硒酸盐)来为 Golden Healer 充电.

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