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Iced iridescent brushed marshmallow bracelet
  • Iced iridescent brushed marshmallow bracelet

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    🧊 Ice Brushed Fluorite


    A kind of internal growth like like a silk satin that is Ice translucent water moist 💦 


    The lines are natural and smooth, clearly visible.


    And ordinary fluorite on the market is different.


    This kind of pulls the silk fluorite hidden inside a small fine lines.

    There is a kind of dense like the feeling of pulling the silk.


    Looks very distinctive so called "brushed cocoon stone"


    In the cooling process of volcanic magma, separated from the gas water solution contains fluorine ions and calcium ions in the surrounding environment to combine to form calcium fluoride after cooling crystallization of fluorite.


    Fluorite is also known as fluorite, also known as soft crystal, containing more impurities.
    Because there are many kinds of colors, also known as rainbow gemstone, colorful gemstones, and so on.


    In Europe, it is said that Fluorite has the effect of traveling through past lives and can make people break through the fantasy and confusion that plague reality.


    ✨Cleanses negative energy
    ✨Stabilizes emotions
    ✨ Increased concentration
    ✨Enhances memory
    ✨Remember past lives


    Green Fluorite 💚 corresponds to the heart chakra and brings the power of spiritual growth.


    White Fluorite 🤍 keeps the energy balanced and can correspond to any place where you want to strengthen the energy.


    Yellow Fluorite 💛 corresponds to the Solar Nerve Chakra and Umbilical Chakra, it can bring the power to make plans materialize, so that people can focus on facing problems and difficulties, and will not retreat.


    Purple Fluorite 💜 corresponds to the crown chakra and brings the power of awakening and traveling through past and present lives to keep one awake.


    This string is very fresh and sweet, just like the elf 🧚🏻‍♀️.

    This is the only one, come and take it with you!




    内部生长的一种像如丝绸缎面一样,冰透水润💦 纹路自然流畅,清晰可见.



    在火山岩浆的冷却过程中,分离出来的气水溶液内含氟,氟离子与周国环境中的钙离子结合,形成氟化钙冷却结晶后即为萤石. 萤石又称氟石,也称软水晶,含杂质较多.

















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