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Lucky Golden Koi Fish Bracelet (A)
  • Lucky Golden Koi Fish Bracelet (A)

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    High color saturation


    Pure Body


    The reflective flakes inside the crystal and the sparkling star effect are qualities that only a century-old mine can possess. These reflections are orange, gold, red, and black, like the patterns on the backs of koi, and like koi scales in the sunlight, hence the name "koi crystal".


    "Crystal Sunscreen 🧴"


    Koi gel flower, with clean and transparent crystal crystals and a golden and red envelope color


    The colors of the gold and red envelope are like the scales of a koi fish in the sunlight, and when you look closely you may see the rainbow of luck


    It is worn on the wrist to add personal charm and as an accessory to clothing.

    It is also known as the "crystal sunscreen", using the physics principle, the reflective particles (titanium dioxide) of the reflective sheet.

    The reflective particles (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide) of the reflective sheet reflect and scatter
    light, so that the amount of UV rays reaching the skin to reduce to achieve the sunscreen 🌞.


    🌍 Origin: Brazil, Tanzania, etc.


    🌀 Corresponding chakras: umbilical chakra / submarine chakra / solar chakra


    Time of use:
    -need to achieve specific goals
    -Need for positive emotions and energy
    -Increasing one's frequency


    ✨Regulates the mind
    ✨Trace elements and minerals can beauty and skin care
    ✨Opening luck (helps to prosper people/wealth)
    ✨Nourishes the body and enhances vitality











    光片的反光粒子 (二氧化钛、氧化锌),反射和散射


















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