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Blue Blooming Candy crystal Bracelet
  • Blue Blooming Candy crystal Bracelet

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    [14 CM WRIST ONLY!]

    只适合14 cm的手腕!


    Blue Agate


    Blue agate is a banded chalcedony and quartz mineral.

    It has multiple layers of blue bands, most of which vary in hue from very light to brilliant near-jewel blue. 


    Compared to other agate stones, which are abundant, Blue Agate is relatively rare and increasingly difficult to find. A few years ago, it was believed to have been almost completely mined out. However, the stone has recently been discovered in South America.


    It is a fairly hard gemstone with a high Mohr grade. Although extremely durable, its light blue color gives it a lovely soft, soothing element reminiscent of perfect sky blue waters 🌊


    🌎Origin: Brazil/South Africa


    🌀 Chakra: Throat Chakra/Heart Chakra


    ☪️ zodiac sign: gemini/pisces


    ✨ Heals/helps ease shoulders, neck and throat
    ✨Calms the mind to be more quiet and peaceful
    ✨Relieves fatigue
    ✨ Helps enhance communication and self-expression


    This is a great string of energy.


    I hope you can feel the peace it brings through the screen.


    It's like a gentle stream that helps unclog your entire body.


    It's like a gentle stream helping to unclog your entire body, opening up all those clogged areas. 








    相比于其他玛瑙石储量丰富,蓝纹玛瑙相对稀有,而且越来越难找到. 几年前,据信该矿几乎已被完全开采殆尽.然而,最近在南美洲发现了这种宝石.


    它是一种相当坚硬的宝石,莫尔等级很高. 虽然极其耐用,但其浅蓝色赋予其可爱柔软、舒缓的元素,让人想起完美的天蓝色海水🌊


















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