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Meet Your Love Natural Lepidocrocite Bracelet
  • Meet Your Love Natural Lepidocrocite Bracelet

    SKU: 1057

    Strawberry Crystal


    Strawberry crystal is the common name for the "love 💓 crystal". It looks like a strawberry and the natural deposits inside resemble strawberry seeds, hence its name. Strawberry crystal is a kind of ghost bean crystal with white crystal wrapped in ferrite.


    🌀 Corresponding chakra: heart chakra


    ✨Wanting peach blossom
    ✨Warms people
    ✨Improve love fortune
    ✨Enhance personal charm


    Suitable for 🈴️ people:
    -Babies who want to attract peach blossom
    -For those who are lazy, you can use the energy of strawberry crystal to turn passivity into initiative.

    Attention ⚠️ matters:
    -Avoid collision or friction with hard and sharp objects
    -Avoid placing the crystal in places with strong light.






















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