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Natural Smoky Quartz Bracelet [14MM]
  • Natural Smoky Quartz Bracelet [14MM]

    Smokey quartz originated in Scotland, silica crystals, whose main color is caused by radioactive substances. It belongs to the tripartite crystal system and is very helpful for people with weak energy. The main components are Mother Earth clay, clay, soil and ashes.


    🌍 Common origins are Brazil, USA, Africa, etc.


    🌀 Corresponding chakras: the submarine chakra


    Hardness: 7



    ✨Banish negative emotions and absorb negative energy

    ✨Gentle healing energy for more stable energy

    ✨Helps overactive energy in the upper three chakras to sink

    ✨Calms the mind and holds the energy steady


    Timing of use:

    -Weakness 🈚️ power

    -First recovery from a serious illness

    -Feeling unstable in life

    -Easy to daydream

    -Lots of negative energy


    Suitable for 🈴️ people:

    -People who are in a restless mood 💢

    -Lack of earth element

    -Think more and do less, lack of action

    -Excess fire element, unstable


    茶晶的发源地在苏格兰,二氧化硅晶体,其主要颜色是由辐射物质引起的. 属于三方晶系,对能量虚弱的人非常有帮助. 主要组成部分有地球母亲的泥土、粘土、土壤和灰烬.


























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