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Purple Water Sapphire Bracelet
  • Purple Water Sapphire Bracelet

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    Cordierite [16cm/11.7mm]


    Bloodshot Iolite


    Cordierite comes from the Greek word "violet", meaning violet-blue stone. Cordierite is a rhombohedral crystal, also known as the "compass of darkness", and has a harmonizing effect on the "rational" and "spiritual" aspects of life. It can help you consolidate your leadership power, and is a gemstone that promotes leadership energy.


    Cordierite corresponds to the brow chakra, bringing a high degree of concentration to the chakra. It is especially helpful for those who have fluctuating and restless energies, who feel that they are unable to break the habit of temptation, and who repeat their regrets over and over again. Cordierite is a mineral of self-management, as it allows one to see the truth clearly and to stop bad habits. If you are in the process of quitting gambling, smoking, drinking or losing weight, you can wear cordierite on your right hand as a help.


    Cordierite attracts money, enhances popularity, helps you to strengthen your ability and confidence in your work, and has the rare function of avoiding water hazards. The calm and deep color of cordierite can calm people's restlessness in the midst of ups and downs. Cordierite keeps you calm, enables you to make correct and decisive judgments, and helps you to relieve mental stress.


    Blood Drop Cordierite is a very rare variety of cordierite from Sri Lanka. The "blood drop" is the result of the large amount of hematite and syenite that was encapsulated during the formation process, hence the name Cordierite Strawberry Super Seven. When viewed through the light, the internal pattern of blood drops can be seen, hence the name Blood Drop Cordierite.


    The more hematite and clinopyroxene that is encapsulated in cordierite, the denser and more colorful the "blood droplets" will appear, and the more beautiful they will look. When you look at a blood drop cordierite under reflective light, a high quality blood drop cordierite with hematite minerals encapsulated inside will show an aventurine effect like a starry night sky due to the reflection of light, which is particularly beautiful, and therefore blood drop cordierite has become a very precious and rare collector's item, which may not be readily available even in specialized crystal stores.




    血滴堇青石是堇青石中非常稀有的一個品種,產自斯里蘭卡,“血滴”是在形成過程中包裹進了大量的赤鐵礦和針鐵礦,故又稱為堇青草莓超級七。在透光觀察時,會看到內部如同血滴一樣的紋路,從而得名血滴堇青石。 堇青石中包裹進去的赤鐵礦和針鐵礦越多,呈現出的“血滴”就越密集越鮮豔,看起來也就越漂亮。在反光的情況下看血滴堇青石,品質高的血滴堇青石,內部包裹的赤鐵礦體會因為光線的反射呈現出如同星空一般絢爛的砂金效應,特別漂亮,因此血滴堇青石成為非常珍貴稀有的珍藏品,即使在專門的水晶店也不一定隨時能找到存庫。



    堇青石屬於斜方晶又稱為「黑暗的指南針」,對「理性」和「靈性」有調和作用,能助你鞏固領導權力,具催升領導能量的寶石。 堇青石對應眉心輪,為眉心輪帶來高度的專注力。尤其對於能量不斷起伏、焦躁,感覺自己無法斷除誘惑,不斷重複自己後悔的慣性,能有很大的幫助。堇青石讓人看清楚真相,並且戒斷惡習的功能,是一種能夠進行自我管理的礦石。假如正在戒賭、戒煙、戒酒或減肥的人,可把堇青石戴在右手作為助力。


    堇青石具招財、增人緣的功效,助你增強辦事能力及信心,有罕見的避水險的功能; 堇青石那沉靜深邃的顏色能夠平復人們起伏不定的煩躁情緒。堇青石令你保持冷靜、使你作出正確、果斷的判斷、幫助你緩解精神壓力。

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