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Rare topaz bracelet
  • Rare topaz bracelet

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    -Topaz is known as the "stone of love" and represents sincere and persistent love.
    In ancient Greece it was also known as the "stone of great power" and was used as a talisman.


    -The English name for the stone is Topaz.
    The name has two origins: one is attributed to the ancient Roman scholar Pliny. He believed it was derived from the Greek word "Topazios" (the name of an island rich in olivine, which resembles topaz in appearance and is not easy to find, hence the word "hard to find").


    -Topaz is considered one of the birthstones of November, representing sincerity, persistence, beauty and intelligence, and is also known as the "love stone".


    -For those of you who know about topaz, there are many different colors, including sherry, blue, pink, and colorless. As opposed to the brighter
    It has a unique beauty that is simple but mixed with a little bit of magnificence.


    Hardness: 8


    🌍 raw to origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, the United States, Myanmar, China


    🌀 Corresponding Chakras: Solar Chakra, Top Chakra, Throat Chakra


    ✨Improve autonomous power, free from dependence
    ✨Increases courage to face difficulties
    ✨Help energy balance
    ✨Gives confidence and enhances charisma
    ✨Helps clear energy
    ✨Relieves insomnia
    ✨ Attracts wealth


    Note ‼️ matters:
    -Strong direct sunlight
    -Avoid ultrasonic cleaning
    -Avoid steam
    -Avoid impact
    -Avoid instant temperature difference




    -托帕石被誉为 “爱情,之石”,代表真诚和执著的爱。



    -帕石的英文名称为 Topaz,






























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