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Four Season Treasure Bowl Green Ghost Crystal
  • Four Season Treasure Bowl Green Ghost Crystal

    SKU: 1052

    💚Spring and Summer Red and Green Specter Crystals


    Green Ghost represents career advancement and upward mobility.


    Red Ghost represents the rising of the ego frequency and selflessness❤.


    The combination of the two is like the combination of the vibrant spring and the passionate summer, with different shades of saturated red and green, reflecting and harmonizing with each other ✨.


    The green ghost crystal is in the crystal growth process, adsorption of some green minerals and dust formation of inclusions, these phantoms become its unique features.


    ✨ Attracts wealth and treasure 💰
    ✨ Boosts personal charisma and self-confidence
    ✨ Balances the emotions and mind
    ✨ Enhances spirituality and intuition
    ✨ Relieves stress


    This treasure pot is a ghost treasure pot of imaging in the form of half a pot, each pot has a different beauty, showing the unique beauty of the visionary crystal, a batch of material to do out of hundreds of beads are difficult to pick out a few 😿


    That's why this is the only one I have. Each bead is like a separate world so it is called the Great World View!
















    这也是为什么目前我手上仅此一条. 每颗珠子就像是一个独立的世界所以称之为大千世界景!

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