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Selenite Bowl For Energy clear and build
  • Selenite Bowl For Energy clear and build

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    History: Selenite, a variety of gypsum, has a history of use dating back to ancient civilizations. It is named after the Greek moon goddess Selene and is renowned for its pristine, milky-white appearance.

    Benefits: Selenite is believed to possess several metaphysical properties, including:

    Cleansing: Clearing and purifying energy in spaces, crystals, and auras.

    Clarity: Promoting mental clarity, focus, and insight.

    Emotional Healing: Aiding in emotional healing and providing a sense of calm and tranquility.

    Connection: Facilitating spiritual connection and communication with higher realms.

    Protection: Shielding against negative energies and promoting a peaceful environment.

    Chakra: Selenite is commonly associated with the Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head. It is believed to help open and activate this chakra, enhancing spiritual awareness.

    Origin: Selenite is found in various parts of the world, with notable deposits in Mexico, the United States, and Morocco. The quality and appearance of selenite can vary based on its source.


    Color: Selenite is typically white, but it can also appear in translucent, colorless forms.

    Texture: It has a characteristic silky, pearly, or fibrous texture.

    Transparency: Selenite is usually transparent or translucent, allowing light to pass through.

    Hardness: Selenite is relatively soft and ranks at 2 on the Mohs scale, making it susceptible to scratching.

    Selenite's purity and energy-cleansing properties have made it a popular choice for spiritual practices, meditation, and energy work. Its association with the Crown Chakra aligns it with higher consciousness and inner clarity.


    优点 人们认为硒石具有多种玄学特性,包括

    净化: 清除和净化空间、水晶和光环中的能量。
    清晰: 提高头脑清晰度、专注力和洞察力。
    情绪治疗: 帮助情绪愈合,提供平静和安宁感。


    产地: 硒石产于世界各地,主要矿藏在墨西哥、美国和摩洛哥。硒石的质量和外观会因产地而异。

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